Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#10weeksto100 - Week 10 - Ten Tips from Experience

So I have covered the #10weeksto100!  Your final week should be focused and relaxed riding and getting some extra rest.  Here are my final 10 tips for the big event, and

1) Pack the Night Before
You are going to be a little nervous, so lay everything out, and be sure it all makes it to the car.

2) Ride Your Plan, but be ready for the unexpected
You can’t control the weather, and other things that can happen.  Each ride is unique, and chance to learn what to do, or what to be ready for,  the next time.

3) It’s Okay to Bail if You Are Not Ready 
Don’t turn two weeks of recovery into a lost summer by riding through a nagging joint pain.  Learn from the mistakes, and try again later in the season or next year. Each event you ride is more training and more experience for the next time.
It all comes together!  2016 Rollfast Gran Fondo start.

4) Your Ride Will be No Better Than Your Preparation
If you haven’t trained while riding at 18 miles per hour, you will not finish the ride at 18 miles per hour.

5) It Is Better to Ride Smart, Than To Just Ride More  
If your preparation consists of lots of long slow rides - you will get very good at long slow riding!

6) Learning to Ride Faster Will Help Relieve Seat Pain!
Fast Riding techniques (standing, changing hand and back position, weight on arms), can all reduce saddle pain.

7) Riding with a Group Is More Fun
Casual group riding can be a good incentive, but should not be confused with the skills required to ride pace lines and drafting.  For those skills, find a mentor or experienced friend who can coach you.  Riding in a fast group is much more than just being fast.

8) Clean Your Bike Before Your Event
Maybe it is just one of my athletic habits or superstitions, but I always clean my bike the day or night before a big event.  It is also a very good way to find and eliminate any surprise maintenance issues.

9) Always Clean the Kitchen Before Leaving for a Training Ride
Yes, I started doing this about 5 years ago, and my wife REALLY appreciates this gesture.  But the real message is keep a balance in your life, and make sure you have the support of your family.

10) Always Have Fun
Along with balance, remember that while the goal may be challenging, and conditions on the day of the ride may tougher than you expected,  you should always be enjoying the ride.

Week 10 of the #10weeksto100. 

 The series is intended as mentoring, rather than athlete specific coaching. The being the case, these are broad, general guidelines of a riding style and philosophy. You can find the series intro here - Preparing for Your First Long Ride or Century

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