Friday, May 10, 2013

2013: The Night Before

It is just after 11 PM, on a Friday night,  in hotel just south of downtown Columbus, OH.  Another year has gone by, and in the morning I will join a couple of thousand other riders on the first day and first 105 miles of another Tour of the Scioto River Vally (TOSRV.ORG). This is the 14th time I have returned for this ride since 1979.

Every aspect is almost a ritual habit now,  from the online registration, the hotel reservation, the spring training and April century with friends, to the final stacking of jersey and clothing for the morning.  Almost the only thing new this year is my bike, a Trek Domane.  I picked it specifically for riding 100 (and more) mile rides.

Yet while almost every action is a repeat, the ride is new every year.  It brings a new combination of events and details, creating another set of unique memories.  From as simple as the variation in weather, to the confidence of training, the meeting of new friends, or renewed contacts with old ones.  Each year adds another layer of stories and experiences, like a layer of fine veneer, enriching the experiences of the prior years.